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Metronaut is a Musical AI that Listens to You!

Play with the best Orchestras and Pianists, chosen by Metronaut!

Accompaniments are recorded with real instruments and you can adapt their tempo without impairing sound quality.

Expand your Repertoire and Discover Pieces composed for other Instruments!

Ever wanted to play Mozart on ukulele?! Metronaut allows you to transpose pieces to adapt to your need.

Free Yourself and Bypass your Limits!

Get empowered to play at your own rhythm throughout the piece: Metronaut adapts accompaniment tempo to your interpretation in real-time.

Enjoy this Incredible Digital Experience!

A smartphone listening to you! A symphonic orchestra in your pocket, following your performance, not the other way round! Empowering you to perform under the best possible conditions.

Hundreds of pieces available to your Instrument!

 Our users in Action!

They talk about us!

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